Im doing this early this year, so I dont forget anyone. If you want a lovely Christmas card, just fill out your address in the poll. Comments are screened.

And I will not use your name and address for prank magazine subscriptions such as Playboy, Penthouse, or Oprah. Unless you want me to :p

Poll #602986 christmas cardddss

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Make me feel good ♥

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$10 to everyone who reads this whole thing. Seriously. OMGDIES.

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Too much food.
Too much alcohol.
Not enough dancing.

And I kept tripping on my damn gown. And omg I so got emotional when Jess was walking down. But I contained myself. But wow, I feel like passing out and I have to be up in a few hours for work. Niiite. xoxo.

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Im cutting a few people off my friends list for various reasons.

  • you dont update
  • I dont know you
  • you shouldnt be reading this

If your name is on the cut list, please remove me as well. Thank you.

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