Merry Christmas! My computer has been fixed, but I just havent hooked it up yet lol. My room is a DISASTER and I really wanna get it cleaned out and emptied so I can redecorate and paint it. Its a fug mauve color and Ive decided to go in a new direction. Im painting one wall a super hot dark pink and have that side be the whole 'Girls Next Door' theme [since Im obsessed with that show] and Hello Kitty, Playboy, etc. The windowless wall is going to be one of those huge wall murals of the NYC skyline and the other two walls are going to be painted brown and have the whole Idol/QE/Blowout theme going on. Um that is all.

Ho ho ho!

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Im so excited for tomorrow night. Not Taylor winning. But excited that Clay Aiken is performing tomorrow night!! SosoSO excited. If he does Back For More I will die. No, seriously, diiiiiee.

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Comment anonymously with three clues to who you are. Make them hard. Because it's fun. Then I'll try to guess. If I don't get it right, comment with another anonymous clue and I'll guess again. Continue until I get it right.

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1. My username chrissykauai because back in the day I wanted to be Chrissy Snow from Threes Company, and I was having a Hawaii high.

2. My lj is titled "Im not really a waitress." Its an OPI nailpolish color.

3. My subtitle is nothing.

4. My friends page is called "bitches and ho's", because youre all bitches and ho's. :)

5. My default icon (this one) is Clay Aiken - Unicef because Im in love with his hair there and cant stop drooling over it. I used to love long haired!Clay, and now its all about the super short sexy 'do.

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Everyone wish him a happy birthday. Do it!

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Say happy birthday. I said do it! >:O

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